Laney Black Country The Difference Engine Delay Engine

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Laney Black Country Spiral Chorus

Analogue/Tape Era
Modelled on the popular RE Space Echo family of delays, the Analogue mode features all of the organic warmth and analogue nuances of tape machines.

Warm sounding analogue tone.
Delay times up to 1250ms.
Straight delay from a single head.
Multi - head delays – classic overlaid delay effect.
Tape artefacts  – Wow and Flutter
Digital Era
Based on the crisp, sparkling rack mounted delays made popular in '80s, the Digital mode boasts tap tempo and freeze function.

Straight digital delay - 2500 MS of delay.
Multi Tap delay.
Modulation on repeats.
Tap tempo.
Dynamic Delay Era
The Dynamic Digital mode takes inspiration from '90s delay units, particularly the legendary 2290, boasting modulation and ducking features.

Based on the legendary 2290
Straight Ducked digital delay, up to 2500 MS of delay.
Modulation on repeats.
Phase reversal on delay repeats - wrap around delays.
Multi Tap delay.
Key Features
Clear bright 2.42" OLED screen
100 patches (50 User/50 Preset)
Compact design
Tap tempo
Freeze function
MIDI in/MIDI out
MIDI parameter control
Expression pedal control
Modulation on repeats
Tape artefacts - Wow & Flutter
Ducker function
5 routing modes - Stereo/XFB/Ping Pong/Mono & Wet Dry
On board compressor
On board noise gate
Model: BCC-TDE (The Difference Engine)
FX Type: Stereo Delay
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Power Supply: Regulated 9V DC PSU (not included): centre negative, 2.1x5.5x10mm connector type
Current Consumption: -90mA
Controls: Colour, Mix, Tone, Repeats, Edit/Menu/Mode, On/Bypass, Tap/Freeze
Input Left, Right, Expression, MIDI In.
Outputs Left, Right (6.3mm Jock Socket)
Unit Dimensions (HWD): 59x150x121mm (2.3"x5.9"x4.8")
Unit Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)                            

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