Ableton Push 2 + Ableton Suite 10

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Push is an instrument that puts everything you need to make music in one place—at your fingertips.

Making music is hard. To stay in the flow, you need to be able to capture your ideas quickly, and you need technology to stay out of the way. Computers make it possible for one person to create whole worlds of sound. But instruments are where inspiration comes from. Push gives you the best of everything. It’s a powerful, expressive instrument that gives you hands-on control of an unlimited palette of sounds, without needing to look at a computer.

Capture your music
Play or step sequence all of your musical ideas. Whether playing drums or pitched instruments, Push adapts to your musical needs, with great feeling pads and controls that keep you in the flow.

Play and tweak samples. Slice beats, play one shots, or mangle samples with warping
Push gives you a range of ways to play and manipulate your samples. Slice samples across the pads, play single hits, or warp long samples so that they always stay in time with your song.

All of your sounds, at your fingertips
Access all of Live’s devices, your third-party plug-ins, and samples. Use Push to browse, preview, and load your sounds. Get fast hands-on access to Live’s built-in devices, VST or Audio Units plug-ins, and your sample library.

weak instruments, samples, and effects
The color display shows your sample or device parameters, enabling intuitive but powerful sound design from the touch-sensitive encoders.

Mix and refine
Get hands-on with your mix using the encoders and adjust levels, pans, and sends with immediate feedback on the display.

Play and perform
Push 2 is equally at home in the studio or on stage. Keep your performances in-the-moment by switching between improvising with loops and playing drums, notes, and chords—all from the same expressive grid of pads.

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