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Alesis DM Lite Drum kit

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Alesis DM Lite E-Drum Set for beginners, DM Lite Drummodule with 200 sounds, 10 drumkits, 30 songs, coaching-feature, LED-illumined drum and cymbal pads als optisches Feedback für Lernmodi, 2x mono 1/4" jack outputs, 1x stereo 1/8" jack aux-in, stereo 1/8" jack headphones output, USB for MIDI connection, Setconfiguration: 4x 7,5" snare and tom pads, 1x bass drum controller, 1x hi-hat pad, 1x crash cymbal, 1x ride cymbal, 1x hi-hat controller, cables, completely pre-assembled rack which can easily be folded.

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