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Carl Martin Blue Ranger

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While staring at Stevie Ray's statue in Austin, Carl decided to add a Texas style overdrive to the Vintage lineup. Equally suited to single coils or humbuckers and with a True Bypass Switch, the Blue Ranger also incorporates a ‘dual-clip' circuit to keep the sound un-muffled and clear at all levels. The overly simple controls (Level for overall volume, Gain for the amount of overdrive, and Tone for fine tuning your sound) quickly take you from big open Hendrix-y chords to saturated SRV type leads, and beyond! The Blue Ranger will actually cross the border into Fuzz with the Gain full out. Housed in the cool new diecast housing with mini-knobs and cool retro color, Blue Ranger can be powered by a 9v battery, but it's recommended to use a regulated power supply for optimum response!

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