Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500

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3-band parametric 500 Series analogue EQ with unique Harmonic EQ™ circuit for harmonically-enriched EQ effects.

3-band, 500 Series Harmonic EQTM meticulously developed by the Cranborne Audio team in the UK.

Parametric LO and HI shelving bands with ±10dB of cut/boost and harmonic saturation.

Parametric peaking MID band with ±10dB of cut/boost, fixed Q and harmonic saturation.

LO, MID, and HI LED indicators to display saturation level.

±20dB Input and Output Level for dense harmonic saturation or clean EQ effects.

OptoSync wireless communication between modules for linked controls during stereo operation.

⅛” TRS socket for linking non-adjacent modules.

Circuit auto-calibration for perfect stereo matching between all modules.

True-bypass IN/OUT switching with complete or post input trim modes available on DIP switch.

Stepped, front-panel controls for quick recall and precise feel.                            

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