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    *  8 Ohm Stereo - 700 W
* 4 Ohm Stereo - 1200 W
* 2 Ohm Stereo - 1400 W
* 8 Ohm Bridged - 2400 W
* 4 Ohm Bridged - 2800 W
* Legendary over-built power supply
* Toroidal power transformer
* Latest generation of high-speed, wide-bandwidth output devices
* Twin-tunnel cooling with back-to-front air flow
* Dual, rear-mounted, continuously variable-speed fans
* Balanced male and female XLR inputs with switch-configurable XLR polarity and sensitivity selection
* Speakon(R) or five-way binding post output connectors (market dependent)
* Stereo, parallel, bridged-mono mode selector switch
* Ground-lift switch
* Front panel circuit-breaker switch
* Recessed, stepped attenuators
* SIGNAL present/active, PROTECT, and ACL LED's
* Modular construction
* Powder-coated steel chassis
* Five-year warranty

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