Fender Monterey Standard BLK elektro-akustinė gitara

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Designed with player-friendly features for unmatched ergonomic comfort, California Standard acoustics minimize limitations to unleash an ocean of inspiration, allowing creators to focus on what they do best - create.

Crafted from all-laminated sapele, the comfortable mid-sized concert body of the Monterey Standard has a deep, rich wood grain and produces a satisfyingly warm and balanced tone well-suited for a variety of playing styles. The easy-to-play nato neck is designed with a slim "C"-shaped profile with rounded fingerboard edges for optimal comfort, a short 24.75" scale length for low string tension, and a 6-in-line headstock for a distinctive look born from Fender's 1970s-era electric guitar DNA. The Monterey Standard also has a narrow string spacing at the bridge, ideal for players with small hands or those seeking reduced picking-hand fatigue. Other notable details include a silky satin urethane finish, vintage-style tuning machines for smooth, accurate tuning, and a GraphTech® NuBone® nut and saddle for detailed harmonic character. Rounding out the feature list is a Fender® preamp system that allows faithful reproduction of the guitar's natural sound when plugged into an amplifier or recording device, and includes a built-in tuner for convenient on-the-fly adjustment.

Bold, eye-catching and unique, California Series instruments make no compromises balancing effortless playability, superior sound, and standout style for those who aspire to play something different.
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Mid-sized concert body shape
Laminated sapele top, back and sides
Slim "C"-shape nato neck with 6-in-line headstock
Short 24.75" scale length and narrow string spacing
Fender® FE-A2 electronics                            

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