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Kurzweil SP6

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1049.00 Eur.

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Kurzweil SP6 sceninis pianinas

Keyboard: 88 note fully-weighted hammer-action with velocity sensitive keys
Display: 128x64 pixel monochrome LCD
Polyphony: 128 voice polyphony, dynamically allocated
Multitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Architecture: VAST: Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology

KB3: ToneReal emulation
VA1: anti-aliasing, power-shaped oscillators and DSP processing from Kurzweil's VA1 concept synth
Quick Split/Layer: Easy access with adjustable relative volume (up to 4 zones)
Factory Programs: 256
User Programs: 1024
Factory Multis: 130
User Multis: 1024
Favorites: 5
Kurzweil String Resonance: Yes
Piano Damper Noise: Yes
Effects: Hundreds of complex effect chains, incorporated into programs featuring our award winning effects - reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, rotary speaker simulators, compressors, and more
Controllers: 1 pitch wheel, 1 modulation wheel, 4 front panel knobs (configured as 4x3 = 12 virtual controls), 1 variation switch, 1 arp switch, 2 transpose switches, 1 tap tempo switch, 1 continuous control pedal inputs
Analog Outputs: Two 1/4" balanced TRS analog (32-bit DACs)
Headphones: 1 back-panel 1/4" headphone output
MIDI: In, Out
USB: Two USB ports (one A port / one B port)
Height: (14.6cm)
Depth: (38.1cm)
Length: (133.35cm)
Weight: (12.36 kg)
Power: External Power Supply, 15VDC 2.5A

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