Pearl Decade Maple DMP925S C227 būgnų komplektas

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Decade’s 6-ply/5.4mm all Maple shell is what sets it apart from the other players in the field. The final product of ten years of process and material refinement, each cross-laminated ply incorporates Pearl’s proprietary Superior Shell Technology. The resulting thin (but powerfully strong) shell reacts quickly to the stroke, producing beautifully resonant highs and thundering lows.

Shell configuration:

22" x 18" Bass drum with rosette
10" x 07" Tom tom
12" x 08" Tom tom
16" x 16" Floor tom
14" x 5.5" Snare drum
2x TH-900 Tom holder
Includes HWP-830 hardware pack consisting of:

1x BC-830 Cymbal boom stand
1x C-830 Straight cymbal stand
1x H-830 Hi-hat stand
1x S-830 Snare stand
1x P-930 Single bass drum pedal                            

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