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PIRA32 RDS encoderis

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Pilnai dinaminis RDS enkoderis
Kitos savybės:
Excellent spectral purity, direct digital RDS signal synthesis
RS-232 control interface based on set of simple ASCII commands or UECP; OS independent, no driver required, especial for developers and experimental natures
Control software includes powerful Windows GUI application; remote control capability
Firmware updates are free
Addressing feature - independent or common control of up to 255 units in a network
Amazing text features
Advanced weekly scheduling
Bypass relay, high reliability
External TA and Program switch
Switchable MPX loopthrough
Internal real-time clock incl. backup battery, showing real-time also as PS
No special 19 kHz input needed - pilot tone carefully recovered from MPX signal
Digital 57 kHz phase locked loop - rock stable RDS subcarrier in all cases, the PLL will never lock to a pilot frequency outside the functional range
Easy and fast set-up
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