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Schoeps MK 4Sg mikrofono kapsulė

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Mikrofono kapsulė Calotte serijos mikrofonams.
Kardioidė, skirta artimam įgarsinimui, iki 50cm atstumu.
or pickup of speech or music at close range (under 50 cm), otherwise the sound may become “thin“. *cardioid pattern. *considerable attenuation of low frequencies. The MK 4S/ CCM 4S has a low-frequency rolloff to compensate for the low-frequency boost which occurs when close-miking. The MK 4S/ CCM 4S is used primarily in voiceover and sound reinforcement applications, and wherever good speech audibility in a noisy environment is a prime requirement. This microphone is suited for the recording of music in exceptional cases only. When it is used at a distance of ca. 10 cm flat frequency response can be obtained.

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