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SPL MixDream

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High-grade analog summing on just 2U rack space

Sophisticated, active Class A/60V stages for analog summing in the quality of the best consoles
16 balanced inserts allow for integrated analog effects with individual and overall hard bypass relays
Reduction of A/D conversions 
Channel adjustments and automation (level, panorama etc.) remain controlled from the DAW so the user loses no digital efficiency
Lower DAW processor utilization rates
The most efficient possible re-sampling of individual tracks with latency free monitoring
Surround capable (from up to 3 MixDream units)
Channel capacity expandable through linked units
Sensitive and transparent stereo expansion control
Analog peak limiter for impressive loudness
Master inserts and switchable output transformers from Lundahl
Optimized signal pathes, all switching functions via relays
Proprietary differential amplifiers for each input
Discrete, exceptionally low-noise power supply

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