Tascam DR-10CS

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Portatyvinis rašiklis, SD laikmena

3.5mm(1/8") TRS jungtis (Sennheiser)

Micro linear PCM recorder for lavalier microphones
Can be connected between a lavalier microphone and a wireless transmitter to provide a backup recording
Mono BWF recording at 48 kHz sample rate and 24-bit resolution
Records to microSD/microSDHC card (up to 32 GB)
Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels to provide a safety track in case of distortion
Hold function prevents accidentally switching off the recorder
Switchable limiter to prevent clipping
Switchable low-cut filter conveniently reduces low-frequency noise
Auto gain control
Time Track increment function writes new track after a preset amount of time (switchable on/off)
Playback function for checking recordings via headphones
Headphones output
Built-in clock for storing time information with recordings
OLED display with great visibility
Micro USB-B connector for easy data transfer with a computer
Power supply through one AAA battery/rechargeable or USB connection
More than eight hours recording with a single AAA battery
Settings can be created in a text file on a computer and transferred to the DR-10C via USB
Infrared data communication allows setting information to be transferred to other DR-10C recorders
Firmware update possible using the microSD card
DR-10CS for Sennheiser mics, option pack available for Sony/Ramsa (AK-DR10CR)



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