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Weltmeister SAPHIR 120 bosų akordeonas

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Saphir 41/120/IV/11/5 (Italian reeds)
The Saphir is a high quality instrument with four reed ranks and Italian reeds. Being a modern accordion with the full gamut and a powerful sound it achieves the highest demands of accordion players in all genres. Inclusive hard case and shoulder straps. Colors and extras on request.

Keys Treble Side:


Buttons Bass Side:


Reed Ranks Treble Side:


Reed Ranks Bass Side:


Registers Treble Side:


Registers Bass Side:


Range Treble Side:

f - a'''

Range Bass Side:

E - d'' #


10,6 kg / 23,4 lbs

Dimensions H x D:

482 x 192 mm

Key width:

Standard - 20 mm


Case and Straps

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