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Inputs Electronically balanced (transformers optional)
AES/EBU (selectable) fitted as standard to all Series 4 units
Impedance >10k ohms CMRR >65dB 50Hz - 10kHz
Outputs All electronically balanced (transformers optional) AES/EBU fitted as standard to all Series 4 units
Source Imp < 60ohms
Minimum Load 600ohm
Maximum Level +20dBm into 600 ohm load
Sampling Rate DP428 – Up to 96kHz internal, up to 192kHz can be accepted and converted.
Frequency Response ±0.5dB 10Hz - 32kHz
Dynamic Range >116dB 20Hz -20kHz. Unwtd
Distortion < 0.001% @ 1kHz, +10dBm
Maximum Delay 650 mS. (increment 0.325 µs steps)
Output gain Adjustable +15dB to -40dB in 0.1 dB steps and mute
Filters Parametrics - 8 Per input / 9 per output
Additional filters 28-band graphic on each input
Each parametric can be switched to Bandpass, Allpass, Notch, VariQ, Shelf and Elliptical response
Phase filtering - 2 degree steps on each input and output
Crossover Filters
Bessel / Butterworth 6/12/18/24/48dB per octave and Linkwitz-Riley 12/24/48dB per octave
Threshold +22dBu to -10dBu
Attack time 0.3 to 90 milliseconds
Release time 4, 8, 16 or 32 times the attack time
Clip/D-max Limiter Look-ahead attack time, Fast, Medium or Slow release times
Inputs 3 pin female XLR
Outputs 3 pin male XLR
RS485 In/Out XLRs
RS232 9 Pin (Female) D Connector
Power 3 pin IEC
Power 60VAC - 240VAC
Consumption < 40 watts
Weight 3.5kg. Net (5kg. Shipping)
Size 1.75”(1U) x 19” x 12” (44 x 482 x 305mm) excluding connectors

Neutrik Rean RC3F


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